What: booklet
Client: Touki Delphine
Photography: Bart Grietens
Year: 2019


Encyclopedie voor de moderne huisvrouw
(Encyclopedia for the modern housewife)

Song cycle for soprano and electronic music in an absurdist living room setting.

Soprano Bernadeta Astari sings beautiful classical songs (Händel, Monteverdi, Purcel, Vivaldi and Ravel) in a musical installation by Touki Delphine. With the help of electronic instruments, household appliances and simple cookware, this music and visual art trio forms a tasteful living room orchestra. The songs are performed in a theatrical setting. Each song is provided with a lecture from the “Encyclopedia for the Modern Housewife”, published in 1979, not entirely coincidentally the year of birth of the men of Touki Delphine.