What: visual identity
Client: Candide
Year: 2019



Candide is a documentary filming & photography company based in Saigon, Vietnam. 

Candide was formed in 2018 when Brice Godard and Annigje Jacobs joined forces. Both have over a decade experience in the field, working with a wide variety of non-profits, broadcast networks and commercial clients.

With Candide, the two set out to create well-crafted, authentic and original work with a small crew. Depending on the needs of the project, they work together with specialized partners, such sound engineers, music composers, artists and designers.

The name Candide was inspired by Voltaire’s classic novel. It tells the story of a young man who travels the world and is confronted with an endless series of cruelties. Candide, however, never takes a defeatist attitude, but instead keeps striving for what he believes is just and good.